Thursday, February 12, 2009

Forex Money Bonuses?

The fierce competition between Forex market brokers for new traders forces them to provide bonuses to potential new customers and current loyal traders. These bonuses are commonly described as ‘Forex Free Money’. However, we all understand they don’t actually give away free money. I decided to check out what lies behind the small print in the terms and conditions of these bonuses.

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The change is a global market, providing 24-hour market access to its players. As it is open only 5 days a week, so weekend is the period of closure. Although change is the most liquid of all markets, the fact that this is an international market and trading 24 hours a day, time of day can have a direct impact on liquidity available for an exchange of currency. Major shopping centers and time zones are as Sydney, Tokyo, London and New York. Therefore, alerts exchange must take into account players who are on the market, as in the interconnected world financial events that occur at any time, anywhere in the world, can affect some or all parts of the investment community.

ForexGen Market Fundamental vs. Technical Analysis

Currency traders make decisions using both technical factors and financial fundamentals. Technical traders use charts,trend lines, support and resistance levels, and numerous patterns andmathematical analyses to identify trading opportunities, whereasfundamentalists predict price movements by interpreting a wide varietyof financial information, including news, government-issued indicatorsand reports, and even rumor.

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In investing stock and forex, the value of two currencies and the way they relate to each other is what we call Forex rate. Typically, the Forex rate is the value of one currency that is needed to purchase a unit of another. Learning and understanding the basics of the Forex exchange can and will help you to start understanding even better.
You can use the ratio to indicate on how may dollars can be bought in Japanese yen. Cross rates is another term that is used in other foreign exchange rate. This term is used whenever these currencies do not involve United States dollars and it is used when there are two foreign currencies. These are the conditions to show Forex rates that were calculated up to four decimal points. These decimal points are usually in positive or negative movements.

ForexGen Trading Signals

Dash board is an assisting tool that makes strategies combinations where its calculations depend on volumes and correlations between strategies including a function that weights the indicators’ signal depending on strategies based on trend, oscillators, bill Williams, volumes and custom indicator; it gets the average signal among all the strategies over a specific time frame. It shows the buy/sell signals by different strengths in the short, middle and long periods:

US Dollar Tumbles as Q3 GDP Falls 0.5%

The US dollar fell sharply across the majors as US data was broadly disappointing, adding to the pile of evidence suggesting that the nation is in the midst of recession.It seems that the announcement of yet another Federal Reserve lending facility - this time to support consumer and small business loans - and additional bailout measures for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae totaling $800 billion

Swiss Franc Technical Outlook

Higher highs and higher lows since the March low favors bulls longer term.Near term, the decline from the top side of the channel is impulsive and the rally from 1.1828 is corrective. Expect weakness below 1.1828 in the next several weeks.

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Indeed, as Forexgen Broker allowed trade to study the qualities that the most successful traders have in common, I noticed that most strived to keep their draw downs to around 20% to 30% or less. When you trade, you always have to be conscious of the dangers of suffering big losses. You not only lose the money, but you also have the potential to be knocked out of the game permanently.

Maximum Profit

The difference between forex technical and forex fundamental analysis is that forex technical analysis ignores fundamental factors and is applied only to the price action of the market. Forex technical analysis primarily consists of a variety of forex technical studies, each of which can be interpreted to predict market direction or to generate buy and sell signals. The technical analysis works by correlating the results and moves of current markets to create a short-term outlook for currencies.

Fx Trading



Money Manegments

Trading currencies on the forex market is an activity that is practiced all around the world by thousands of individuals from professional money managers working at financial institutions, to individual investors trading through online forex brokerages. Because forex trading can be a risky proposition, some common basic principles have developed among currency traders to better enable them to manage their money.

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Our Commitment to Trading!There are many companies that create Forex trading software, Forex Trading Systems, Forex Signals and Forex alert services.But in our opinion, few have the Passion, Drive, and Experience and Commitment to trading that TopGun has.We love trading and our desire and focus is to continue to improve what we feel is the Best Forex Software available anywhere, even in the Institutional arena.

Trend Forex System

Trend Trading is one of the most profitable ways to trade any market. Identify a trend, identify a good place to get onto the trend, and then ride the trend for as much as it’s worth.
However, it’s much easier said than done. It can get so confusing with so many different ways of trend identification. Just look at the number of technical indicators available in your charting package! It can get really crazy and complicated.

Hooked on FOREX Trading

Why do 90 to 95% of all FOREX traders lose money? Because they have no clue about the three Pillars to Profit. If you don't understand the three Pillars to Profit you are doomed, even before you started. Don't burn through your cash without knowing what it takes to succeed. The FOREX animal is like a roaring beast, ready to rip you apart at first opportunity. Feed it with right stuff and it will defend you until it last breath. If you mess up his diet, you will be on his menu. If you don't know what you are doing, you are easy prey. Are you a sitting duck?

Forex - Major currencies

LONDON (AFX) - Major currencies continued to trade within very tight ranges as investors stayed on the sidelines ahead of a heavy week for data and with US markets closed for the Presidents' Day holiday todayMarket focus this week will centre on the release on Wednesday of US inflation data and the minutes from the Federal Open Market Committee meeting earlier this monthThough the dollar remains weak, analysts believe the currency will rebound towards the end of the week, particularly if the inflation figures reflect last week's huge surge in US producer prices. "If the higher PPI translates into a higher CPI, markets will conclude that the Fed will increase the pace of interest rates hikes,

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The selling was sparked in Asian trade overnight after reports yesterday that the Korean central bank plans to diversify its reserves away from the US dollar. A spokesman for the Bank of Korea was quoted as saying in a report to parliament that as foreign exchange reserves increase, the central bank "will expand its investment into non-government papers, which carry relatively high yields, and diversify the currencies in which it invests"